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Body Exfoliation

Full Body Exfoliation

Allow 1 hour - $135

A body consultation will pre-determine which exfoliation will best suit your skin & needs.

Marine Salt 

Bamboo powder 

Sugar Scrub 

All Salon Treatments are enhanced with daily use of home care products in order to achieve maximum results. These treatments all feature a full body  exfoliation using marine salt, bamboo powder or a sugar scrub  & 100 percent essential oils  plant oils followed by the application of  luxurious body moisturizer.

Relaxation Escape

Allow 90 minutes - $195

A consultation will determine which exfoliation will best suit your skin and your needs.






This treatment features a full body exfoliation using Marine Salts,  Bamboo Powder or a Sugar Scrub followed by a customized aromatherapy massage using Lavender ( Provence to detox ) , Jasmine ( Polynesia to relax ) Manderine (Corsica for vitality ) Cypress ( A journey to the Forest for slimming )

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