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Winter Restoration

I always seem to struggle with the Winter season. Being a hot house flower at heart, I do not seem to feel so welcoming to the onset of a darker cooler season with any yearning to embrace it with an open heart.

Strangely though I do enjoy a certain enchanted  coziness  that comes with winter rituals and the hunkering down desire to restore ourselves. It would appear that I have cultivated a love hate relationship with this season.  Hmm some food for thought.

For those who seek  the wild blue yonder hankering restoration in the warmth and sunshine of distant shores has now become inaccessible as our entire nation works its way towards restoration of a different identity.

This is surely the winter of our country.

Monday 18 May 2020 was officially recorded as the first time in 70 years that there were no departures either in or out of our New Zealand boarders.

For a nation withan insatiable travel appetite this revelation seems inconceivable.

If this situation had been predicted a year ago the mere notion would have seemed fantasy. Yet here we are.

Whilst I am still secretly sulking that I will not get to partake of a very much anticipated trip this year to distant shores, like many other people who have had to come to terms with this reality,  I have found myself becoming inspired in creating experiences and rituals with a divergent mindset to keep things in perspective.

I had to spend some time poking, prodding and  weeding in the garden patch before I could sort this out in my mind. There is nothing like picking off slugs from your broccoli heads to keep things in perspective.

Stopping to pickup a coffee this morning from my local Italian coffee shop I felt like I was stepping into the charm of a little piece of Italy in some tiny remote village. The sounds, smells, warmth, aroma and taste all conjured up this experience for me to enjoy. The thought occurred to me that if I can not go to Italy I can at least experience a snippet of Italy any time I want, in my own local village right here.

The thing about our thoughts is that they create the emotions we feel in our body. So simply by  imagining this blissful interlude on an otherwise dreary, soggy, cold Wellington winters day, I get to experience the emotion of having enjoyed my morning coffee in a little Italian village. All of my sense were delighted.

 Its time to think about other ways to satisfy our desire for some time out and get creative with conjuring up some rituals to serve our need for restoration, discovery and simply some self love by charming our senses with our day to day, week to week, or more importantly our moment to moment experiences.

At Urban Sanctuary we have just the tonic for all of you would-be travellers longing to sense a connection with the world beyond our shores.

Our Yonka Aroma  Fusion Massage and  Body Treatments provide a space in time for you to experience one of our four sensorial escape rituals and a unique opportunity in bringing together relaxation, balance and  wellbeing inspired by soothing and fragrant oils sourced from a various countries throughout the world.


Everlasting relaxation qualities of this healing, soothing oil from the fields of Provence


The escapade of an aromatic walk in the woods

Mandarin and Sweet Orange

Savour the delightful, sunshine emotions of Corsica

 Tiare the Jasmin Flower

An invitation to invoke the  sensual delights of Polynesia

Self love is about love of yourself,  and that includes all of yourself, always, everywhere, because there is never a moment when you are not yourself, even when pretending to be someone else.

Book your own Aroma Fusion Journey now. This is our invitation to You.

Stay warm, stay safe, and stay creative and adventurous in your thoughts and rituals.