3 Plimmer Steps
Lambton Quay
New Zealand
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Express Pedicure 

Allow 45 minutes - $75

For clients on the go includes foot soak , nail and cuticle tidy . This pedicure is completed with a nail polish.

Deluxe Pedicure 

Allow 60 minutes  - $95

The feet are refreshed and revitalized. Our Pedicure begins with a  foot soak  followed by a scrub to smooth and remove dead skin cells. Toe nails are filed, clipped & buffed, cuticles tidied and nourished. This treatment is completed with a tension soothing massage of the legs and feet after which a polish of your choice is applied. 

Luxury Pedicure 

Allow 75 minutes - $130 

Our Luxury  Spa Pedicure is an experience for the feet that touches the spirit and soothes every fiber of our being. 

This pedicure begins with a foot scrub to remove the rough skin followed by a relaxing foot soak .

We apply a deep callous peel for those extra rough patches on the feet  while we file the nails and cuticles tidied .

This pedicure includes the luxurious paraffin dip followed by a massage and a polish of your choice 

Gel Pedicure 

Allow 45 minutes - $75

This pedicure includes a foot soak , nail and cuticle tidy and the application of a gel polish.

Please book a Gel removal with this pedicure if you currently have gels on your nails.

French Polish

Allow an extra 15 minutes $25

Gel polish removal 

with a pedicure allow 30 minutes $25
As a stand alone treatment allow 30 minutes $50

Please bring open toed shoes  to wear after the pedicures unless having gel polish