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New Zealand
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Deluxe Manicure 

Allow 60 minutes - $95

Complete care for your nails, cuticles and hands. We file the nails and remove excess cuticle. A light exfoliation of the hands is followed by a hand mask to enrich and moisturize. This treatment is completed with a massage using intoxicating oils and a polish to highlight your nails.

Luxury Manicure 

Allow 75 minutes  - $130

Complete care for your nails,cuticles and hands .

The hands are exfoliated followed by the application of a hydrating hand mask while the nails are filed and the cuticles tidied . This manicure includes a hand massage and luxurious paraffin treatment 

This manicure is completed with a polish 

Express Manicure 

Allow 45 mins - $75

This manicure is for people on the go. A moisturizing mask is applied to the hands while the nails are filed and the cuticles tidied. This treatment is completed 

with a nail polish.

Gel Manicure 

Allow 45 minutes - $75 

This manicure includes a nail file , cuticles tidied and the application of Gel Polish or our new dipping system 

French Polish 

Add 15 minutes to any manicure under extra French polish on our booking system  - $25 

Gel Polish removal 

with a Gel Manicure - $25

On it's own allow 3o minutes - $50