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Popping Our Bubbles

Reflecting back, January 1st, the year 2020 began. For me it was full of sunshine, family, friends, excitement and the air of anticipation of what 2020 would reveal.

Our Urban Sanctuary 2020 theme was "Work /Life Balance"as we encouraged everyone to explore ways to work smarter, not harder, to dig deeper into our dreams, take some reflection time and experience some stillness.

Today four months into the year the world we all woke up to that day doesn't exist anymore. It is as if the world has cracked us all open and our second life is about to begin.  Suddenly we are all having to be OK with not being OK.

As we begin to emerge from our bubbles to slowly resume what we call our "normal" lives, how will our new normal be revealed?

What will it look like for each one of us? 

Each individual's experience of lockdown will hold different emotions. For some it has been a wondrous period of stillness and reflection, others, creating new ways to work from home and improve their technology skills and embracing the challenges of becoming home schooling parents, while front line workers have experienced intensified work loads. Some have been plunged into the depths of despair and loneliness while others are treading on an ocean of uncertainty as they face the very real prospect of hardship and the desperate situation of poverty.

In these difficult times, where our world is struggling to recover, it is imperative that we practice being grateful and see the good in things we may not have attached high value to. We can use our voice to show caring for others. Sometimes all we need is a smile and a spontaneous good morning wish. In response to the call of the time we can identify our gifts, cultivate our talents and learn to put them into service for the support of those around us. We can try to have the courage to show our hearts to others and at the same time treat ourselves with gentleness and kindness .

Throughout history wherever there has been period of crumbling there has always been a period of growth and recovery. Let's be brave and hope we take some lessons of discovery on how to live, to care, to love, to be, from this situation and move forward with 'mucho gusto' towards the horizon and into our future regrowth.

...Time for some soothing rituals I say ...

We are so looking forward to seeing YOU, all of our very special, wonderful clients again very soon.