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Laser Facial Rejuvenation



You will Immediately notice a more brighter and refreshed even looking skin tone after your first treatment. To treat the skin for fine lines, sun damage, facial redness or general dullness and lack of vitality, six treatments spaced three weeks apart is recommended to obtain maximum benefits. The stimulation and energising of collagen refreshes and revives the skin at a cellular level which keeps on working for up to three months, revealing the optimal benefits of our laser facial therapy. To prolong these results ongoing top up maintenance of 2-4 sessions per year, will help sustain ongoing maximum results and ensure the vibrancy and rejuvenation of your skin

Skin Rejuvenation Consultation 30mins - No charge
Skin Rejuvenation Treatment 1 hour - $160
We invite you to book a consultation with one of our specialised Laser Therapists to discuss your personal Laser Facial Rejuvenation Program