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Aging ... This Strange Word

Age stands behind you with a mirror. It wants to show you who you are. All you need to do is turn around... and choose to love what you see

---Stay awake & aware to your truly precious life---

This strange thing called Ageing!!

One topic of conversation that keeps coming up all too often, is that of Aging. Perhaps it is the circles I move in at present, or this stage of life, but the conversation seems to hold much negativity, sadness, weariness, regret and in some cases shock.

One Vital Question we ask our clients during Skin Consultations is: "Do you have any specific concerns about your skin?"


Yes, no guesses there, this is the most common response.

The funny thing about being human is our flesh and blood  & skin packaging!!

I'm wondering if it is time now to redefine this word AGING and  change our paradigm around how we think about this word. Keeping in mind that words, and how we think about these words, hold a tremendous amount of power and this effects our emotions. We could choose to see this strange word "Aging" as a privilege not just in relation to our skin but in all aspects of our lives.

We need to stop looking in the mirror and seeing wrinkle sand dull, life damaged skin and comparing ourselves to 20 & 30 year olds.

Instead how would we feel if we could see, bright, healthy skin and the vibrancy of life & accomplishment looking back at us?

Jo & I are celebrating our 29th year ...(almost three decades!!!) we have at our fingertips tremendous knowledge, resources & experience...29years worth ...58 if your add Jo's & my experience together, along with our highly trained team of professional, passionate Spa Therapists. Plus products that we know will enhance the vibrancy & health of any skin. NO we can't promise our 50 plus clients that they will look 20 again! However with the tremendous advances in skin care products that do have the ability to protect, revitalise and in some cases correct DNA damage which over time can, and will restore a noticeable difference to the overall vitality of our more mature skins.


A sound, clinically proven skin care regime will allow you to take control of the quality of your skin and help it to resist the passing of time. Combined this with Health, Well- Being, Gratitude, Passion & Vibrancy and you have the recipe to a skin-enhancing  solution.